Charism and Spirituality

The Oblates are called to serve "Jesus in the poor", daily living the Eucharistic commitment of "breaking bread" for the brothers. To donate the fresh, intact and fragrant Bread of the Eucharist means:

  • Building oneself totally on Jesus in the Eucharist, drawing inspiration from the experience of the founder, summarized in the expression "My life and Jesus in the Eucharist";
  • Cultivating and increasing communion in the world, on the model of the only bread made up of many grains of wheat;
  • To propose the Eucharistic solution of Jesus, Bread of life, to the man of today, thirsty for answers, for orientations, for truth and hungry for pure Love, for fullness of life, inner stability, true joy and peace;
  • Living the four commitments of the Eucharistic mission:
    • praise and thanksgiving to God;
    • the impetration of graces for the brethren;
    • the offering of oneself in the participation in the Sacrifice;
    • reparation;
  • Offer to the Priests, especially the elderly ones, the support of their own prayer, the encouragement of spiritual communion, the care of the service;
  • Listening to and giving hope to those who, though living in the riches or comforts of life, are tormented by suffering, worries, anguishes and problems;
  • To welcome in our hearts and in our homes the needy or poor brothers, to reach them in the places where they are consumed by the hardships of their misery; to cure their suffering bodies with care and delicacy; fill their loneliness with affection; transmit the human and spiritual warmth to raise them morally and open them to the love of God;
  • Bring the joyful proclamation of a bread that satisfies hunger for the brethren who live in the land of mission, working with them to build on the foundation of the Gospel a new little corner of the world;
  • To become small with the little ones of the nursery schools, where there is need to knead a soft mass with the leaven of the Gospel and the ingredients of a healthy education, a good culture and a serious method;
  • To live entirely for God, belonging to the Church, through participation in the spiritual and apostolic life of the parish communities, in collaboration with the pastoral project of the Dioceses of belonging.

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