Our Eucharistic mission lived through spiritual and material service "to the poor, to the rich, to the priests", calls us:

  • to give the Eucharistic Bread to the individual who hunger for God;
  • to comfort and restore trust to the individual human person who experiences suffering as a result of indigence, old age, loneliness, doubt, or any other existential crisis;
  • take care of the human body, provide for its needs, restore its dignity;
  • to assure Priests of the comfort of a spiritual and material service in our Priestly Homes;
  • to bring to the poor, in the land of mission, the Eucharistic Bread of the knowledge of the Gospel and of human, moral and material promotion;
  • engage in the spirit of "mothers, sisters, friends" in the field of education and catechesis, in collaboration with the diocesan project.

Today the Oblate Sisters operate in Molfetta, Terlizzi, Maruggio, Rome, Acquarica, Zhejë (Albania) and in Umuahia (Nigeria).

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