Foundation of the Oblates

With the help of a group of volunteers, the “Opera” in the meantime advanced, despite the contrasts, the difficulties and the inconveniences. The number of beggars increased; in addition to welcoming the poor to offer the hot meal, 50 children were welcomed in the first location and the theatre began to function, followed by a thousand other initiatives.

Almost immediately, Fr Ambrogio realized that the group of volunteers could no longer satisfy the various services already organized. Thus, the idea of founding a female Congregation, which embraced its ideal of charity, could guarantee a continuous service to all.

Thus, were born the Oblate Sisters of St. Benedict Joseph Labre: young people devoted to sacrifice who do not disdain to "go down the dark streets of life to seek the souls depraved by guilt; therefore it is necessary for me to surround myself with creatures who feel these ideals and do not fear to be obscured. I must make those who collaborate with me, the same as myself, not for me, but for the One who gave His life for all his sheep, including beggars ".

The religious family also wanted to support the male vocations: Priests called to a sublime vocation, lovers of the poor to become poor for the poor.

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